Erika Lyons Richardson


Erika Lyons Richardson has been living with Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus since childhood. Her PPMS active went misdiagnosed for many years taking her eyesight several times and causing two strokes. She is the mother to two special needs sons, David & Ethan, who teach her every day how to stand up to life’s challenges. Her experience as a Patient Care Coordinator and former admin for the Lupus Foundation group led her to co-found the Facebook groups SLE & ME, Erika’s Health Warriors, and MS, Lupus & Me. She went on to work with numerous multiple sclerosis groups and pages on social media, writing for MS websites, and awareness videos on the MS & Me YouTube channel before founding MS & Me Media. As co-host of MS & Me radio show, Erika was able to reach patients living with MS around the globe. In early 2017 she co-founded the Multiple Sclerosis Global Support Network. Although she is wheelchair bound and living with advanced MS, Erika lives a purposeful and active life as president of MS & Me Media.