Hello MSer’s,

As we work to step up our multiple sclerosis informational awareness for patients, families, and caregivers one of my friends from The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation told us about this wonderful new production about spasticity and MS by MS expert Dr. Ben Thrower.

If you have not heard of The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation they provide some wonderful services and support for patients inside the United States and I urge you support their efforts.

The mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is to provide programs and support services to those persons affected by MS that help them maintain their health, safety, self-sufficiency, and personal well-being; and to heighten public awareness of multiple sclerosis in order to elicit financial support for the Foundation’s programs and services and promote understanding for those diagnosed with the illness.

What is the history of MS Focus?

MS Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation was founded in 1986, at a time when no disease specific-treatments were available, with the intention of providing – through research and networking – information to people with MS about how to maintain their quality of life. As the organization grew, we noticed that many critical needs of those in the MS community were going unmet. Because of that, we shifted our focus to delivering services that directly benefit people with MS and their families, while continuing to offer the quality educational materials for which we were known. Today, MS Focus remains a leading source of accurate, unbiased information, and offers dozens of services that improve the lives of people with MS.

What kind of services does MS Focus offer?

MS Focus provides grants to individuals with MS for much-needed services and devices. These may be directly related to their healthcare, such as funding for a neurologist visit for the uninsured, prescription co-pays, and physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Or they may be items that aid in adapting to changing circumstances, such as portable wheelchair ramps, hand controls for vehicles, or cooling aids for heat intolerance.

Also, in keeping with our founding principles, we provide educational materials, such as fact sheets and booklets, to those with MS and their care team. We sponsor educational programs throughout the country that people can attend in-person. Furthermore, we actively assist people with MS in maintaining wellness through such services as support groups, exercise classes, and lifestyle education.

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Whom does MS Focus serve?

Our resources assist people who have MS, their families and caregivers, regional support groups, and healthcare professionals. Our programs and grants are available in the 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Online resources, such as our educational materials or audio programs, are available throughout the world.

Do I need to be a member?

MS Focus neither sells memberships nor requires participation in fundraising activities by those we help or by affiliated support groups.  All MS Focus services, as well as information, literature, and subscriptions to our publications, are provided free of charge.

What is different about MS Focus?

What separates MS Focus from other MS charity organizations is – first and foremost – that our sole focus is on people living with MS. While many other organizations work hard to fund research into a cure, we stand out as the organization devoted to helping families achieve the best lives possible until a cure is found. We do so with a uniquely personal approach.  When a person calls MS Focus, the call is answered by a service coordinator or peer counselor  who can answer questions, recommend services, or give helpful guidance. That’s why other MS-related nonprofits refer thousands of their clients to MS Focus each year for our assistance.

Another unique aspect of MS Focus is the structure of our organization. With national headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., MS Focus serves the nation from one central location.  By eliminating the need for branch offices, we are able to maintain a more cost-effective and efficient operation while maintaining the highest quality service.  Networking with independent, grassroots organizations gives us a local presence in communities around the nation.

To visit MS Focus just click here.