The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Itch (Pruritus)


Similar to other neurological sensations and symptoms with multiple sclerosis such as burning, pain, pins and needles pruritus often comes on suddenly and sometimes with fierce intensity.

The sensation is temporary lasting anywhere from a few seconds to minutes. Known as a paroxysmal symptom in medical terms pruritus seems to get worse if one indulges in scratching. Pruritis can happen anywhere from a persons face, arms, legs, feet, head or anyplace between.

Pruritus often occurs when excessive heat triggers the symptom and strangely often occurs at night at times intense enough to awaken a patient from sleep. The symptom can occur anytime, however.

The itching is often symmetrical happening on both sides of the body and after the sensation subsides some patients report burning sensations, pain or the pins and needles sensations.