Dulci Hill : Easy Floor Cleaning with Multiple Sclerosis


I have been struggling with the fastest and easiest way to keep my home clean with the difficulties MS brings. First get yourself a basic light weight Swiffer dusting mop, a pack of walmart economy wash clothes, and a spray bottle of your favorite floor detergent mixed with 80& water (I love Mr. Clean). First dust the floors with the Swiffer to get all loose debris in a pile to throw away. Next, get a small pail of clean water and put two wash clothes in it. Wring out a wash clothes and attach to the bottom of the Swiffer. Lightly spray floors with cleaner and run light mop over the floor. When first cloth gets dirty, switch clothes and continue. Use the water to rinse out wash cloths as they get dirty. I get my 1100 square foot mopped in 15 minutes.