The MS Gym : Core Strengthening with Trevor Wicken MS, CES,MES, MEPD, NKT 2


Trevor Wicken MS, CES, MES, MEPD, NKT 2 presents this exceptional series on core strengthening for multiple sclerosis patients.

In this series of videos from the MS Gym Trevor covers core exercises that can have very positive impacts on managing multiple sclerosis.


Core Strengthening For MS – Hand Marching

Hand marching activates the muscles of the deep core, spinal stabilizers, and shoulder stabilizers. These muscle groups are important for walking with MS and maintaining balance.

Core Strengthening For MS – Dead Bug

I love the Dead Bug! This exercise strengthens the deep core, pelvic floor, spinal stabilizers, and hip flexors. Improving coordination between these muscle groups improves balance and reduces falls while walking in MS clients.

Core Strengthening For MS – Side Bends

Many people affected by multiple sclerosis struggle with the feeling of falling to the side when walking. This is caused by a weakness in the muscles of the core and spine responsible for preventing side bending. This supine side bend helps to strengthen your trunk and prevent falling. Do it!

Core Strengthening For MS – Cross Crawling

If you want to improve balance while exercising with MS, you must work ALL of the core muscles responsible for walking. You need to hit the backside of your bod as well as the abdominals. This cross crawling exercise strengthens your abs, glutes, spine, and shoulder girdle.

Core Strengthening For MS – Full Core Workout

Ready to fire up your core and walk better with MS?
Move with me through this full core strengthening exercise circuit designed to improve your balance while exercising with Multiple Sclerosis. Plus everyone likes a little ab burn.

Core Strengthening For MS – Planking The Right Way

Today we go over how to plank CORRECTLY!
One major struggle of exercising with Multiple Sclerosis is loss of balance and coordination. Planking is one of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the deep core responsible for balance and coordination. However, the plank is another poorly performed and poorly coached exercises that makes me cringe as I walk around the gym. Here is the most effective way to perform the plank with MS.

MS Balance: Full Circuit

Multiple Sclerosis can significantly reduce you ability to balance while you walk, exercise, work, and play. These exercises will greatly help boost you core strength, leg strength, and ability to change direction.

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Trevor WickenTrevor Wicken has been a medical fitness practitioner for the past 15 years and is passionate about setting his clients free from pain through exercise. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania.

Trevor is an NASM certified corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and elite personal trainer. He also serves as a level 2 Neurokinetic Therapist, and TRX Sports Medicine Practitioner. He has a broad background in the fitness industry including training and management in medical, private, commercial, and specialty based fitness centers.

Trevor is the owner and developer of multiple medical fitness continuing education courses that train fitness, and therapy professionals how to use exercise to manage medical conditions, reduce chronic pain, and prevent recurring injuries.

Trevor, has an extensive background in the medical fitness industry and has worked on clients ranging from 9 years old to 97 years old. Trevor’s passion is working with individuals whose lives are affected by, arthritis, total joint replacements, spinal pain, orthopedic injuries, bariatric surgery, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, brain injuries, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, and sports medicine return to sport.

Trevor has worked with Division I athletes, some of whom have been professionally drafted, Olympic medalists in training, current and retired professional athletes.

Trevor also has a passion for writing, speaking and presenting on topics related to medical fitness, lifestyle management, and personal development. He has presented to medical patient support groups, physician groups, personal training organizations, and government health and wellness organizations. He is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing medical exercise programs, lifestyle modification plans, senior fitness, and high quality of living.

Trevor’s mission is to partner with individuals as they walk through the process of recovering from illness, healing from injury, eliminating the side effects of medical conditions, and creating of healthy lifestyles through the power of movement. He believes every person has the right to live a quality life free from limitations.

“IT IS NOT OK that so many individuals believe they have to accept their medical condition, surrender to chronic pain, and settle for a life without the freedom to choose how to live… there is always a solution in movement. You deserve to be free.” –Trevor Wicken