How do people change the world?

They work together towards real goals.  It’s the collective inherent power as individuals coming together as one that makes for changing the world.

The MS & Me Radio Network has a vision, we want to partner with you and change the world for millions of people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.  We are a patient-driven entity with real goals, real mechanisms and real models of how to create real change in the global multiple sclerosis landscapes.

Sure, you have seen patient-driven MS websites before.  Perhaps you have even donated money towards some only to find nothing ever happens or changes.  But ask yourself, have you ever saw an effort such as ours?

We are different.  Why?  Because we do the work and we are professionals with the disciplines to create towards real change.  We will never ask you the patient, your MS family, your caregiver, your mother, brother or sister for a red cent towards our work.

What we ask is that you take a stake in the world of MS and work with us and in doing so we will create real impacts for real people and we will change lives for the better.

Join us and let’s once and for all make a real difference in the global multiple sclerosis landscapes.  It’s long past due and we can to it…  You and us, together.

Have you ever wanted a platform to talk to the world about Multiple Sclerosis?

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, an MS Family, a neurologist, MS nurse, dietician, physical therapist or researcher.  If you have a relation to MS you can have your own Internet Radio Show hosted for free on MS & ME Radio!

We are reaching the world with our broadcasts as a patient driven, clinical & research steered organization.

Lets change the world together….

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