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Reducing MS Spasticity: Toes & Foot

Spasticity in the toes and feet can disrupt balance, increase foot drop, and make exercising with MS difficult. This exercise combo is super effective in helping to reducing spastic toes and increasing foot mobility.

Reducing MS Spasticity: Ankles

Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis can be challenging if you have spasticity in your ankle. This series of movements will help to reduce your stiff muscles and joints while improving mobility and balance.

Reducing Flexion Spasticity: Knee – Part 1

This mini exercise progression helps to calm down and stretch the over active outer hamstring and calf and then counteract spasticity with knee extension. Exercising with MS can be greatly improved once spasticity is reduced.

Reducing Flexion Spasticity: Knee – Part 2

Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis can be challenging and frustrating when you cannot bend your knees or hips. This exercise progression is super effective in reducing spasticity and strengthening the muscles that bend your hips and knees.

Reducing Flexor Spasticity: Hip – Part 1

Exercising with MS spasticity in the hip is tough. In order to reduce the spasticity you need to release the hip flexors that are pulling you forward and counteract the spasticity with muscles that help you stand up straight.

Reducing Flexor Spasticity: Hip – Part 2

Exercising with MS with Extensor Spasticity in the Hip can be challenging when as your body locks up the back side of your body and holds you in a rigid line. This will lead to foot drop, poor hip flexion strength, and spinal problems. This series really helps to balance out the body and allows you to move better.

Reducing Spasticity In The Spine

Spasticity in the mid back is often neglected and or under trained. However, spasticity in the upper body and mid back can really throw off your balance, strength, and coordination. These exercises really help.

Stretching To Reduce Spasticity: Neck

Neck pain and spinal alignment is rarely discussed with people affected by MS. You can release neck spasticity and increase the effectiveness of your stretches with these effective techniques.

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