Me & Me: MSTranslate – Translating MS Treatments and Research for those Living with MS

Tonight’s guest Brett Drummond, MS Researcher & Science Communicator, dedicated to MS research for the last ten years, MStranslate was developed as a result of Brett’s desire to continue to contribute to the MS community beyond his Doctoral studies. MSTranslate’s goal is to see MS research progress and patient care develop through increased education, knowledge and accuracy in the media.

MS & Me is a caller Q&A and featured guest show focusing on day to day living with multiple sclerosis.

Host Erika Lyons Richardson has had Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus since childhood.  Her PRMS went misdiagnosed for many years taking her eyesight several times and causing two strokes.  She is the mother to two special needs sons, David & Ethan, who teach her every day how to stand up to life’s challenges.  Her experience as a former admin for the Lupus Foundation group led her to co-found SLE & ME, Erika’s Health Warriors; MS, Lupus & Me; as well as her work with Heather’s MS Family, Shezza & Her Amazing Warriors!, MSPals, writing articles for MS websites and her awareness videos on the MS & Me YouTube channel. Although she is wheelchair bound and living with advanced MS, Erika lives a purposeful and active life.

Co-host Ted Michel will join us and bring you our #AskMSandMe segment in the 2nd hour.