Amy Schumer Comforts Her Father Who is Living With MS 


Comedian Amy Schumer is pulling out all the stops to help her father Gordon in his battle with M.S. Last week, that meant bringing her “Snatched” co-star Goldie Hawn for a visit.

According to a guest at the assisted living facility in Tribeca where Amy’s dad lives, he recently became depressed after having problems in one of his arms.

That’s when Hawn and Schumer came by.

Credit: Amy Schumer/Instagram

“She cares about him so much that she visits him regularly,” we’re told.

Schumer has spoken publicly about her father’s illness and brought Colin Quinn to meet him when they were filming “Trainwreck.”

We’re told that Gordon proudly tells his friends at the facility, “You know my daughter Amy Schumer, she does pretty good for herself.”

Schumer chimed on Instagram last week to quiet controversy around her not getting paid as much as her co-stars Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle on a recent Netflix special.

“They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time,” she reasoned.