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For 25 years, I was a professional performing artist until:

My Story Begins….with the birth of my son Darios.  Six weeks after my son was born, I was feeling unusual weakness in my legs and I also had very low energy.  At first, I blamed it on the epidural that I received during labor, but weeks turned into months and more questions began to form in my brain.  I went to my homeopathic  Doctor for answers and she sent me for a Western Blot Lyme test and it came back positive for the Lyme infection.  She put me on a regimen of antibiotics for about 6 weeks to no avail.  She suggested that I see a Lyme Specialist, which I did.  This venture was an ALL-CASH treatment.  Three months of Higher Powered Antibiotic therapy and still,  I felt NO relief and the weakness in my legs continued to worsen along with my energy.  The Doctor and I had a discussion after several months and the Lyme office suggested that I see a Neurologist.

Feeling utterly frustrated, tired,  weak and depressed, I saw a Neurologist.  The Doctor asked me on my first visit what I thought I had?  Well, I had done a bit of digging and found that MS shared a lot of the same symptoms as Lyme Disease so I told the Doc that I suspected that maybe it was MS?  He sent me in for an  MRI which came back inconclusive due to the fact that I had Lyme Disease that sometimes leaves scar tissue behind. However, the MRI picked up a very small amount of lesions on the brain and spine.   At that point, I was sent for a Spinal Tap.  After a week, it was concluded that I indeed had MS.  My Neurologist at the time was hopeful, telling me that MS today was very manageable with prescription drugs!  So, I tried a drug for several months called Tecfedera.  That drug made me lose half of my hair, made my skin incredibly irritated, and it gave me terrible night sweats!  It was awful AND I still wasn’t feeling any better.  I still had all of the same symptoms, but now I had to contend with the side effects of that awful drug!  I took myself off the drug after reading from several MS sufferers that they were trying natural remedies instead … like … NO GLUTEN, ALL RAW FOODS, NO SUGAR, ETC…Now to add to the list of doctors,  I was seeing a dietitian who put me on many supplements!!   I continued to decline and my desire to even LIVE was waning.

On Facebook, I came across a Pain Specialist from NYC who gave a speech on Stem Cell Treatment. It was her life’s mission to heal or at least bring comfort to her patients, most of whom had Auto Immune diseases.  She began with a visit to Israel where she met with a doctor who treated Cancer Patients.  He told her that he discovered that after chemo, a lot of his patients ended up with Auto-Immune Diseases and that he would then treat them with Stem Cell Therapy…well, he found success at every turn!  This doctor/pain specialist from the US was amazed at those findings and treatment.   The Israeli doc chuckled and told her that the US might catch up … at some point!

I continued to dig for answers and recalled reading about a procedure called HSCT. It’s a procedure where they remove your stem cells that they harvest them while at the same time giving you Chemotherapy to knock out your immune system.( MS is an overactive immune system that is out of control and begins to eat your Myelin sheath that protects your nerves ) After few weeks of chemo, they re-inject your own Stem Cells, essentially resetting your immune system.

As of right now, I am unable to perform as I always had been able, and life is pitiful in comparison to how I once lived.  My last hope is HSCT Mexico and their treatment for this debilitating disease.  If I get on the other side of this, like I hope, It will be my life’s mission to help others do the same!  Gods Speed to all of us who suffer.

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