Jenny and Heidi met at a tiny, local bar 5 years ago. Jenny was the lead singer in the band performing that night.

“Another friend & I shouted out requests and even danced to some of the tunes (I could back then). During a break, I spoke to Jenny…and we’ve been friends ever since”.

Over the past 2 and a half years, Jenny witnessed Heidi’s transition from RRMS to SPMS – from having some fatigue and nerve pain to walking with a cane, having bladder issues, intense spasticity, and being constantly exhausted…totally drained.
“She saw me go through infusions, fret over massive bills, expensive medications, and the struggle of my own body fighting me.” recalls Heidi.

Most recently, Jenny supported Heidi by assisting in her fundraising and being a huge support system during her HSCT (a chemo and stem cell transplant treatment) in Mexico this past summer.

Jenny wrote the song BRAVE for Heidi and so many others battling this monster of a disease, but who remain strong and positive – living life to the fullest anyway.

“I’m brave…you just don’t see. I drown in my own skin. So brave…to find a way. And live my life again.”

For anyone who uses Google Play, the song BRAVE just went live on the site. All proceeds from downloads benefit “Heidi’s Hope: Fighting MS”.

It will be live on other sites (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify) soon as well.