Marie Heron, host of the popular Truth Be Told podcasts will bring them to our global radio station each Sunday at 6:30pm EST.

Marie Heron created a Facebook community around her PODCAST: Truth Be Told. (@TruthBeToldMS) A unique and exciting channel for newly diagnosed M.S. patients that are struggling to find their place, and see their future, post-diagnosis.
Being diagnosed in 1984 at the age of 24, she states that as scary as her diagnosis was – finding the answers to her most pressing questions was scarier! The lack of information for newly diagnosed young people was abysmal back then and M.S. support groups were NOT for her.  Marie felt like she just didn’t have anything to compare herself too.

“What would my LIFE be like?”

That’s when Marie created this inspiring, hopeful and uplifting podcast for friends, family and young people living with M.S.

Now at 57, she can look back and say I DID have a life. A GREAT life! “If someone could have told me that I would have children, meet the love of my life at 40, visit 10 countries, become an educator, start my own business and win awards I may not have believed them at the time, but it would have given me the hope I needed in those earliest years with this disease.” stated Marie.


In 2016, at a clinic in downtown Toronto, Marie met a 24 year old woman who had recently been diagnosed with M.S.. Marie shared the story of her own diagnosis. The young woman asked her, “What has your life been like?” When Marie recapped the past 32 years, the young woman turned to her mother and said, “I want her life!” Marie laughed and answered, “If I met someone like me when I was first diagnosed, it would have saved me a lot of heartache and given me hope.”

What Marie plans on sharing through her podcasts is all of the truth, the reality, the heartache as well as the possibilities and innovation around M.S. so that newly diagnosed young patients can learn the facts and find their OWN path on this new chapter of their lives. She’ll discuss everything from careers, relationships, fitness, medicine, politics and share tools for the listeners and their loved ones to manage their prognosis.

“I’ve decided to use my good fortune to start this podcast called @TruthBeToldMS – so that young people living with M.S. can find a safe resource for hope, inspiration and advocacy.”

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