MS & Me in Sue B’s Kitchen


Susan “Sue” Bires was diagnosed with MS in 1997. She learned of her diagnosis when she had an MRI for a seemingly unrelated problem, which turned out to be related. Since then, Susan has had some major relapse that were treated with steroids.  Since Susan is a Registered Dietitian, she is keenly aware and passionate about what goes into her body. She is committed to helping others achieve better health.

“Exercise is equally important to stay strong, even when you don’t want to.”

Now Susan is unsteady on her feet and has had several falls, but she will never give up! She created her YouTube channel to show people simple ways to incorporate an improved diet into their lives. Sue doesn’t follow any specific trendy diet, but rather diligently supports gut health which she believes is crucial for all people.

Sue B. has created an MS & Me playlist on her YouTube channel that we hope you all enjoy. Check back on our website regularly for more videos!