Don’t miss the SRA Tornado Tailgaters Gen 6 Series in Martinsville at 7:30pm EST tonight via Max Speed TV.  Cheer on winner of last night’s race Benjamin Nelson #79 driver for MS & Me and Stephanie Lessentine #10 driver of the MS & Me Ladies Forum car. Click the link above to watch!

If you missed last night’s action in the truck race, the SRA Somewhere Saloon Truck Series at Dover started off with Benjamin Nelson #79 taking the poll and Marcus Richardson #01 starting second.

There was a lot of single file racing. The pivotal move came when Ben Nelson beat Marcus Richardson off pit road under the second caution of the race on lap 118. The race restarted with 30 laps to go. The two battled to the end. However, that pit strategy garnered Ben the advantage he needed to win the race!

While Ben led over 40 laps, it was Marcus who led the most with 85. Benjamin used his post race interview to spread MS Awareness and thank MS & Me.

UHere’s the link if you missed last night’s truck race:

Here’s the link to Ben Nelson’s race cam: