Born in 1990, Ange Young was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) at the age of 12. Because her mother was diagnosed with primary progressive (PPMS) when Ange was 8, MS has been a life-long frenemy.  She spent her adolesence, teen years, and early 20s growing up in foster care.  Ange continued her education majoring in communications.  She moved from Los Angeles to the Midwest in 2016 to continue her studies where she went on to graduate from media school for broadcast communications.

Each Sunday at 2:00pm EST (and replaying throughout the week) Ange will bring you her new radio show, MS and Millennial S#!+ on the 24 hour MS radio network brought to you by MS & Me Media.  Look for the radio player here on our website, or click here: