Episode 4: Jewelry

I am unsure whether or not I can blame my inability to place earrings through my pierced earlobes, or my difficulty with clasping a necklace on MS?  Or is it the fact that I am now retired, and am no longer in the routine of putting on earrings and a necklace?  I didn’t have problems putting on my earrings and a necklace when I was working with MS; so maybe this it is the lack of practice is to blame, and not the loss of fine motor skills due to MS.  

Whatever the cause may be, the struggle I undergo when I wear my jewelry is a reminder that I could and may have lost some of my fine motor skills to MS.  

I know there are so many other skills I have and could lose.  I am still grieving over the loss of my cognitive skills.  Wearing jewelry is not that big of a deal in the bigger scheme of things, but still.  

Granted, I read an article in the magazine, “Brain & Life” suggesting that one way to exercise fine motor skills in to play with Legos.  I have yet to try this therapy, but I can see how it would help me.  Luckily, my sons played with Legos, and we still have them in the house.

I don’t think I have the creativity that my children had and still have when building and creating with Legos.  Yet, if I can convince myself to build something small during a set amount of time much like the time I reserve for working out.  Then maybe playing with Legos will help me regain my ability the put on a pair of earrings or clasp a necklace? Maybe?