MS & Me Media hosts a 24 hour, 7 days a week Multiple Sclerosis Radio Network with hosts from around the globe. Each show episode records creating an On Demand resource library. MS & Me also connects listeners, guests, and future guests of the show to share blogs, stories, medical research, art, humor, MS facts, general MS information, and community outreach through our network of online social media. Our YouTube channel contains our current library of awareness videos, and is being expanded with the addition of MS & Me Tv.

Who We Are

Erika Lyons Richardson

Erika Lyons Richardson has had Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus since childhood. Her PRMS went misdiagnosed for many years taking her eyesight several times and causing two strokes. She is the mother to two special needs sons, David & Ethan, who teach her every day how to stand up to life's challenges. Her experience as a former admin for the Lupus Foundation Facebook group led her to co-found SLE & ME, Erika's Health Warriors; MS, Lupus & Me; as well as her work with Heather's MS Family, Shezza & Her Amazing Warriors!, MSPals, writing for MS websites and awareness videos on the MS & Me YouTube channel. Although she is wheelchair bound and living with advanced MS, Erika lives a purposeful and active life.

Ted Michel

Ted Michel was diagnosed with RRMS February of 2010, a month before his wedding. Ted has a degree in biochemistry, and has 35 years of computer experience. Ted was also a successful hairstylist and...


“As a neuroscientist actively dedicated to creating the next generation of regenerative therapeutics in multiple sclerosis, patient engagement and community advocacy has become a passion of mine. My company, Novoron Bioscience, has committed to a mantra of putting patient outcomes above the more traditional commercial concerns of regulatory difficulty, profitability, and taking the path of least resistance. As such, we have always emphasized taking from the patient experience and soliciting patient feedback in informing our approach to the creation of our therapeutics. As such, it was an extreme pleasure to appear on the MS & Me where I had the opportunity to not only share the story of Novoron, but discuss the issues related to this disease that I am passionate about. It is not often that I am afforded the chance to cover such a diverse array of topics ranging from cutting edge therapeutic strategies all the way to pharma business development and pricing rationale for new drugs. Dissemination of accurate and reliable scientific information is crucial for a motivated and passionate patient population such as exists in MS. The work done in platforms such as MS & Me is not just valuable for informing patients of the state of the field, but also in combatting much of the disinformation and exploitation that plagues this and other diseases. As a result, I am grateful for the efforts of Erika and Jessica, and others like them, and it was my pleasure to appear on their show. I look forward to a return visit.” – Phd Dr. Travis Stiles CEO Novoron Bioscience

“We had a great experience serving as guests on MS & Me Radio, and we were honored to be among so many reputable guests who help others to live their best lives with this disease. The radio program gives all of us living with MS a great platform for sharing our stories and learning from others. Erika and her team are fantastic moderators who truly understand life with MS and can get at the heart of the issues we all are thinking about.”

“I’ve been on many, many TV, radio shows and podcasts and within that realm, I’d say that my experience on MS&Me was one of the best. Great hosts, great questions from listeners and great information on many topics. I’d be happy to appear at any time in the future. Overall it hit a high point.” –  Dr. Patricia Farrell