The MS Gym – Walking Strong With Multiple Sclerosis Series By Trevor Wicken

In this five module series Trevor Wicken MS, CES, MES, MEPD, NKT 2 presents his "Walking Strong" exercise regimens for multiple sclerosis patients.

The MS Gym Five Day Leg Regimen by Expert Trainer Trevor Wicken

Trevor Wicken MS, CES, MES, MEPD, NKT 2 presents this extraordinary five part video series for MS patients promoting leg strength for proper walking gait and more.

The MS Gym : Core Strengthening with Trevor Wicken MS, CES,MES, MEPD, NKT 2

Trevor Wicken MS, CES, MES, MEPD, NKT 2 presents this exceptional series on core strengthening for multiple sclerosis patients. In this series of videos from...

The MS Gym – Reducing MS Spasticity your FREE Spasticity Exercise Guide: MS Spasticity: Toes & FootSpasticity in the toes and feet can disrupt balance, increase foot drop, and make...

Welcome To Rise Movement & The MS Gym!

Thank you for being here! This page is focused on teaching people how to use medically based exercise to manage medical conditions using. The...

The MS Gym: Exercises for MS Neck Pain

The MS Gym: Jaw Release & Chin Push Down for MS Neck Pain Trevor Wicken, MS & Me Radio Network host of "The MS Gym"...

The MS Gym Launches Membership Site!

In a much anticipated and very exciting live streaming announcement on Facebook, Misty and Trevor Wicken of The MS Gym announced the launch of...

The MS Gym: Neuro Warm Up for Spasticity

Neuro Warm Up for Spasticity If MS leaves your body stiff or you suffer from overnight spasticity, this release and mobility series is for you!

UK MS Society Launches “Move More with MS” Exercising for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Everyone benefits from being active, including people with MS. However your MS affects you, there are exercises that can help you to stay as...

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